torsdag 24 november 2016

No - I don´t want it darker

No no no, for Heavens sake, for my best friends, for aunt Augustas, for the little bastard thiefs of Liverpool train station, for the little old ladies with their pigeons in Kensington Gardens, for the gypsies in the fields and the romani outside the stores in Stockholm.

No thanks, I dont want it darker, not in Palestine, not in Aleppo, not in the kindergartens where weirdos do sex with children, no I don´t want it darker in Homs or in Bagdad, I don´t want the brigades of hunger and the falanges of ISIS sadists to meet under the darkest of heavens.

No and no, and I know, thats not what you meant. You meant you want it darker, because you were on your way to the darkness, and you saw, straight like a child into the melancholy heart, the sum of darkness aorund us, and the special forces of brutal politics who wanted it even darker. And that´s what your last heavy song is about. It´s not about nihilism. Anyway - not yours.

You were just making yourself ready. Without hallelujah. Just a straight stare into the dark.
Hineni. Hineni.
I'm ready, my lord

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