tisdag 26 februari 2013

Någotsånär Nya Rader - but in English

If you can´t stand them
You can´t bless them

If you can´t run off
turn around and bless
very quickly

and all they can hear
is a sort of birdish chirp
unknown to ears

this is the unsung
song of love
that ain´t bothering

Just give them a face
conceived by wind
as if you know
from a thousand
dishing it out
through days and days

snow indeed
waiting for you
and the whirl
you´re in is
a gift,
a curse,
from the unknown
The Circle

turn, turn
you´re safe
you´re leaving
with the

all of them
that the Government
spent 18 billions a year
to ward off

the birds
that never heard
of final solutions

and no feathers picked
by the taciturn 
for the funeral;
Oh, Brother,
wake me,
but late,
to the Gathering
of Strangers,
passions or purses


"Synopsis" från Februari -12 i Lappland till Februari -13 i Stockholm.

(Tillfreds med femte versen. Sångbarheten är tydlig i den här texten. Den skulle bli en sång, om jag spelade gitarr. Får väl höra med piano-vännen).

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