fredag 16 juli 2021

Om den teknisk-ekonomistiska människosynen

"As for inventing new metaphores of the self, what often happens is that we create grotesques and caricatures. And some of these grotesques are taken very seriously, such as the self as digital computer (...)

They take a little part of man for the whole, and that´s absurd. It´s worse than absurd, it´s dangerous, because we´re talking about a science of man complete with various technologies. We´re not just talking about a dozen clever bur vapourous figures of speech.

Here is another one: The self as calculator of self-interest, the metaphor the economists have always beleived in. Even that hoary old halftruth seems to be having av revival, and among psychologists of all people, who ought to know better."

Brewster Smith in Psychology today

Ja, det var nog bara det idag.

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